"rowHIIT" 20 Minute Sessions of High Intensity Interval Training Now Available

Our Great Place is your safe Space


Your "Safe Space" for Personalized Fitness


Right In The Heart of Downtown

7 S. Howard Street, Suite 200

Spokane WA 99201

(509) 415.3769


Full Amenities Including Brand New Conference & Workshop Facilities

Our Facility is Fully Equipped To Meet Your Every Need

Now Including Private Restrooms & After Workout Shower Facilities RIGHT On Site. So, Workout, Shower and Get Back To Work ALL in 30 Minutes. 

Plus Now,  AMAZING, Right Next Door, Same Floor  Conference Facilities! 

Right On Site!

amazing Place, your new safe space !


Beautiful Spaces For Smiling Faces

Meticulously Clean, Warm & Welcoming Atmosphere


Not Just Close To Downtown, NOW Right In The Heart of Downtown Spokane

Easily Accessible Lot and Street Parking & 

Free Parking On Sundays

Work Downtown? Now You Can Simply Walk To Your Workouts 

Morning, Noon or Night


We Are right in the heart of town and as you can see here in the picture looking out the studio window, there is both a huge parking lot, lots and lots of street parking and several major parking garages right here.

SUNDAYS:  Parking meters are FREE. 

NOTE:  2018:  Parking at downtown meters is FREE after 7 pm.

(Spokane no longer has any meters designated 30-minute or 1 hour)


Why Pay More for Less

Rowing provides full-body, non-weight bearing, calorie screaming workouts with ease. 

It is incredibly fun and adaptable to participants of all fitness levels and abilities.  

ROWFit Spokane

7 South Howard Street, Suite 200, Spokane, WA 99201

(509) 415.3769


Hours By Appointment

We Offer Saturday & Sunday Sessions


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