"rowHIIT" 20 Minute Sessions of High Intensity Interval Training Now Available

ROWfit, the concept is simple!

What It Works


Rowing is a full body, non-weight bearing exercise for everyone.

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Rowing Is Fun!


Anything Can Be Fun if You Do It With 

The Right Attitude!

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Rowing Basics, Terminology & Form

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Discover the joy of pain free exercise

Rowing provides full-body, non-weight bearing, calorie screaming workouts with ease. 

It is incredibly fun and adaptable to participants of all fitness levels and abilities.  

Why I attach resistance bands to rowers

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Core values

Safety Is Always First



1) Do the right thing all of the time.


2) Always create realistic expectations.


3) Take responsibility for outcomes.


4) Be honest & responsive to client concerns.


5) Treat All clients with respect.


6) Do not exaggerate expected results.


7) Program design is based on science and fact  and is appropriate for the individual's abilities.


If you are here, then you have taken that first, most important step to living a healthier, happier life. Together, we can achieve your goals in ways you never even dreamed.