"rowHIIT" 20 Minute Sessions of High Intensity Interval Training Now Available

Patient Programs



 Pre-Surgical Fitness Coaching  

Prepare for your surgery 

to achieve the fastest recovery time possible.     

One on One Counseling for 

Nutrition & Wellness 

One on One Personal Fitness Coaching  



Post-Operative Specialized Training

Get back faster, recover quicker!

Certified Personal Trainers

Personalized Recovery Programs

Cooking Classes, Mobility Courses, Strength Training

The Next S.T.E.P.


Specialty Training

 Enhancing Progression

S.T.E.P Program

So, you are ready, what is your next step? 

Our highly skilled staff has the 

extensive education, training and passion to help 

patients of all skill levels get back in the game.

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Fully Certified, Licensed and Insured

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ROWFit Spokane, The Concept Is Simple

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