"rowHIIT" 20 Minute Sessions of High Intensity Interval Training Now Available

Weight Vest Training Classes


Group Class

Join us for our incredibly popular group weight vest classes. Vests are provided to each full time, registered student. 

Officially Licensed and Certified by "InVested Fitness", our expertly trained program instructors will take you to the next level.

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First Responder's Weight Vest Class

Designed with first responders in mind, this class will teach you the what you need to know about wearing a vest everyday and you'll get an amazing workout too!

Weight Vests Are Provided for Each Registered Participant.


Individualized Instruction - Weight Vest

Take you workouts to the "Next Level" with personal instruction in weight vest exercising. You'll learn to "MURPH" and push yourself to new achievements.

Vests are provided to each registered student.

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